Monday, November 26, 2012

Dear Jane Quilt, Week 6

Hi all!

I'm still hard at work on my Dear Jane Quilt, and it's coming right along - watching my little stack of blocks grow is keeping me motivated. And, honestly, since each block is so different, I'm not getting bored making these little guys!

Here are this week's 5:

B11 (still have some basting thread showing...)





The overall progress so far!

Happy stitching!



Barbara @ Nähtante Quilts said...

Your colour selection is gorgeous, it makes the quilt so crips and fresh. Love it!
Which program do you use to make the chart which blocks you have already finished?
Best wishes, Barbara

Kelly said...

Thanks, Barbara! I'm going pretty "low tech" on the chart - it's just an excel chart that I made, and I'm copying, pasting, and resizing the photos of each block into the correct spot.

Jean(ie) said...

I'm loving the blocks you did. Great progress!!!!!

Kelly said...

Thanks, Jean! It's definitely a learning experience...! :-) What're you working on?