Friday, November 16, 2012

Blog Tour Day 12: Deborah from Whipstitch

Back in the spring, I was sitting in my cubical at work and got a call phoning in for some sewing help. That is pretty much the best call you can ever get. Like, sure, twist my arm. Keep staring at the computer or come sew for the rest of the day?   Not a tough call...

So, I jumped in my car and sang a happy tune all the way to the photo studio where I got to hang out with Deborah from Whipstitch for the rest of the day while she shot the step-by-step photos for her new book, Stitch Savvy. We sewed, and we laughed, and we generally had a really fabulous day at work.

Deborah is not only a very talented sewist and pattern designer, but she's also got a voice that's all her own - funny and sweet, warm and sassy - all of which comes out in her own writing. Her books are project books that teach you really integral skills along the way. These are boring projects, y'all - really fabulous clothing, bags, home decor and even quilts!

You probably are familiar with her first book (one of my all time favorites), Stitch by Stitch. This is truly a must-have for everyone's bookshelf, and it's perfect for beginners who want to grow their skill set quickly and easily. Awesome.

Did you know she has a brand new book out, though? Hot off the presses, kids! The concept behind this book is so cool. As Deborah explains it, it's set up almost like a "choose your own adventure" book, allowing you to make choices about what project to try next based on what you liked in the one you just finished. Go here for a much better explanation. (ISN'T THAT COVER GORGEOUS!??!)

It's so great to meet someone that you think is so uber talented, and then find out that they're not only talented but funny and smart to boot. Love that.

Thank you, Deborah for being part of our tour and for all of your support! xoxox

Happy stitching!


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