Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Blog Tour Day 2 and Quilt Market Recap

Today is Day 2 on the Blog Tour for the release of' Modern Designs for Classic Quilts!

CraftBuds is today's stop - be sure to hop over there for a little Q&A with me and Andie, and a giveaway, too! CraftBuds is a fabulous site for crafters of all kinds, particularly those interested in building their crafty love into a thriving business. Very cool site, with tons of good info - and crafty eye candy, of course! A huge thanks to Lindsay for being part of the tour.

In other news, I went to Quilt Market and have posted nary a photo. Let's rectify that, shall we?

This shall be Part 1 of 3 of Quilt Market Recap posts. Part 2 of 3 show photos of me next to famous people who may or may not know who I am. Part 3 of 3 will be photos of the show.

F+W Booth. Recognize anything?

Echino booth. delightful. want it all.

Ms. Melody Miller, y'all. I want the fabric, I want the tree,
I want the chair. And the TV. 

Recognize that typewriter? Yeah, I want that too.

The fabulous ladies from iSew Academy! (I love them).
The product is a sewing app with projects, instructions and other hilarity.
Think of Harry Potter + Sewing.  (I'll take two.)

Birch Fabric meets Charley Harper

Alexander Henry

Dear Stella (delicious, right?)

Bari J's booth (for Art Gallery) - closeup below

Bari J. - RUFFLES!!!!!!!

Tula Pink - You know I love her, it's no secret.

Anchor quilt from Tula's booth. Will be making this.

Andie drooling over the "Folkloric Blooms" line from
Sue Spargo and Wendy Morris

LOVE! "Architextures" line from Carolyn Friedlander

And a terrible shot of some of my mostest favorite fabric -
Liberty, of course!

Don't forget - hop over to CraftBuds for Blog Tour Day 2! Day 3 continues with Jill at Darling Jill Quilts.

Tuesday, Nov. 6       (Lindsay, CraftBuds)
Wed., Nov. 7             (Jill, Darling Jill Quilts)
Thursday, Nov. 8      (Faith, Fresh Lemons)
Friday, Nov. 9           (Generation Q)
Saturday, Nov. 10    (Angela, Quilting is my Therapy)
Sunday, Nov. 11       (Shannon, Stitch Craft Create)
Monday, Nov. 12      (Laurie, Scarlet Fig)
Tuesday, Nov. 13     (Lindsay, The Cottage Mama)
Wed., Nov. 14           (Jessica, A Little Gray)
Thursday, Nov. 15    (Mary, The Tulip Patch)
Friday, Nov. 16         (Deborah, Whipstitch)
Saturday, Nov. 17    (Kaysie, KZJo’s Studio)
Sunday, Nov. 18       (Jenny, Sew Kind of Wonderful)
Monday, Nov. 19      (Carla, LollyQuiltz)
Tuesday, Nov. 20     (Thomas, Thomas Knauer Sews)
Wed., Nov. 21           (Brenda, Pink Castle Fabrics)
Thursday, Nov. 22     (Lindsay & Liz Rea, CraftBudsInspire Me Grey)
Friday, Nov. 23         (Sarah, The Last Piece)
Saturday, Nov. 24    (Cara, Cara Quilts)
Sunday, Nov. 25      (Andie and Kelly, AndieJohnsonSews and Stitchy Quilt Stuff)


jillquilts said...

Hey!! That's MY.. er, I mean OUR... UGH! I mean YOUR quilt hanging up! :) Woo hoo!!

Janice Nichols said...

LOVE your blog ladies! do you have a FB page set up?? would like to post on ours? love Janice at the www.ISEWACADEMY.com

Kelly said...

@Jill - We can both take emotional ownership of that bad boy! :-)

@Janice: Thanks, girl! No facebook page yet, but I'd love to post on yours! Thanks!!! email me if you'd like. xo

Marcia W. said...

I'm enjoying your book blog hop.

Kelly said...

Thanks Marcia!