Sunday, November 25, 2012

CraftBuds, Inspire Me Grey and Cara Quilts

My real-life friend, Liz, was kind enough to write a review of Modern Designs for Classic Quilts over at CraftBuds on (slow clap) Thanksgiving Day! If you were taking a little blog-break on Turkey Day, you really should stop over and check out her guest post at CraftBuds. 

Liz's quilt from MDCQ! (from Inspire Me Grey)

Not only did Liz write a book review, she's already whipped up a quilt from the book!!!  Holy cow!!!  Check out her post about the quilt she made on her own blog, Inspire Me Grey. Check out her very fun year-round holiday ornament challenge while you're there.

Sarah Fielke (The Last Piece) will still be blogging about the book, but we've had a little trouble getting her copies to her. As soon as she has a couple of copies in her hot little hands, we'll let you know to head over there for her post!

Last but very not least, is Cara of Cara Quilts. I was so excited to meet Cara at Quilt Market, and she is every bit as sweet as I expected from reading her blog. She was a huge cheerleader for me and Andie at Market, and I'm super grateful that she's reviewing our book! Hop over there to check out here post, and all of her fantastic quilty inspiration.

That ends our blog tour - thank you for following along, and I hope you had a good time learning more about the book. It's available at local craft stores, hopefully your local quilt shop, and via Amazon and Martha Pullen Store.

Thanks again (huge thanks!) to everyone who participated in the tour!!!!!  :-)

Happy stitching,


Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the slow clap. :) I was racin' to get that post and quilt top (mostly) done in time to post.

Kelly said...

Liz, I was literally almost in tears that you made a quilt from the book!