Sunday, November 11, 2012

Blog Tour Day 7 and a Pillow Variation

Blog Tour Day 7 and a Pillow Variation

Today, the blog tour moseys over to Shannon at Stitch Craft Create, the beautiful new magazine helmed by the Martha Pullen Company and F+W Media. Stitch Craft Create is a relatively new magazine  - less than a year old - but it is soooo right up my alley. Great photography, striking but minimal design, fresh fabrics - the list goes on. 

When I started working with Shannon back in early 2012, I immediately liked her style. She's super funny and friendly, and I had this picture in my head that we would meet each other, become instant best friends, and wind up braiding each others' hair, gossiping about boys, and dressing up like Molly Ringwald. (And, if you were wondering, that's pretty much exactly what happened.) She has written a great article about Modern Designs for Classic Quilts, appearing on the Stitch Craft Create blog - complete with lots of photos and funny insight. So, go check it out!

Since today is all about Stitch Craft Create, I thought I'd show you some photos related to that magazine.

Remember this pillow that I made for the Fall issue?

Here's another I made for my dad in slightly more manly colors:

I'm not usually a bit fan of brown, but gotta say, I love that brown stripe. Lovety love. My photography, however, leaves something to be desired...

Tomorrow, the blog tour continues with:

Tuesday, Nov. 6       (Lindsay, CraftBuds)
Wed., Nov. 7            (Jill, Darling Jill Quilts)
Thursday, Nov. 8      (Faith, Fresh Lemons)
Friday, Nov. 9           (Generation Q)
Saturday, Nov. 10    (Angela, Quilting is my Therapy)
Sunday, Nov. 11       (Shannon, Stitch Craft Create)
Monday, Nov. 12      (Laurie, Scarlet Fig)

Tuesday, Nov. 13     (Lindsay, The Cottage Mama)
Wed., Nov. 14           (Jessica, A Little Gray)
Thursday, Nov. 15    (Mary, The Tulip Patch)
Friday, Nov. 16         (Deborah, Whipstitch)
Saturday, Nov. 17    (Kaysie, KZJo’s Studio)
Sunday, Nov. 18       (Jenny, Sew Kind of Wonderful)
Monday, Nov. 19      (Carla, LollyQuiltz)
Tuesday, Nov. 20     (Thomas, Thomas Knauer Sews)
Wed., Nov. 21           (Brenda, Pink Castle Fabrics)
Thursday, Nov. 22     (Lindsay & Liz Rea, CraftBudsInspire Me Grey)
Friday, Nov. 23         (Sarah, The Last Piece)
Saturday, Nov. 24    (Cara: Cara QuiltsAndie: AndieJohnsonSews, Kelly: Stitchy Quilt Stuff)

Happy stitching!

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