Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Blog Tour Day 3 and Quilt Market Part 2

I'm sorry it's so late, but I had a dinner date with this awesome girl and became so engrossed in good conversation and a cucumber martini that I am blogging, well, late. So without further ado . . .

Day 3 on the Modern Designs for Classic Quilts blog tour is none other than my Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild buddy and quilter extraordinaire, Jill of Darling Jill Quilts. Jill quilted - not one, not two, but three of the quilts in the book, including the cover log cabin quilt and Andie's flying geese quilt.

Jill's quilting on the log cabin quilt
I'm going to be really honest here when I say that Jill is, hands down, one of the most perfectly precise quilters I've ever known in real life. I mean, seriously, check out this girl's blog and see some of her quilts. The piecing is PRISTINE, and always deserving of the "slow clap."  Visit her post to see some of her process shots that she took while quilting them. I hadn't even seen these shots!  (Thank you so much for participating, Jill!)

Tuesday, Nov. 6       (Lindsay, CraftBuds)
Wed., Nov. 7            (Jill, Darling Jill Quilts)
Thursday, Nov. 8      (Faith, Fresh Lemons)
Friday, Nov. 9           (Generation Q)
Saturday, Nov. 10    (Angela, Quilting is my Therapy)
Sunday, Nov. 11       (Shannon, Stitch Craft Create)
Monday, Nov. 12      (Laurie, Scarlet Fig)
Tuesday, Nov. 13     (Lindsay, The Cottage Mama)
Wed., Nov. 14           (Jessica, A Little Gray)
Thursday, Nov. 15    (Mary, The Tulip Patch)
Friday, Nov. 16         (Deborah, Whipstitch)
Saturday, Nov. 17    (Kaysie, KZJo’s Studio)
Sunday, Nov. 18       (Jenny, Sew Kind of Wonderful)
Monday, Nov. 19      (Carla, LollyQuiltz)
Tuesday, Nov. 20     (Thomas, Thomas Knauer Sews)
Wed., Nov. 21           (Brenda, Pink Castle Fabrics)
Thursday, Nov. 22     (Lindsay & Liz Rea, CraftBudsInspire Me Grey)
Friday, Nov. 23         (Sarah, The Last Piece)
Saturday, Nov. 24    (Cara, Cara Quilts)
Sunday, Nov. 25      (Andie and Kelly, AndieJohnsonSews and Stitchy Quilt Stuff)

Quilt Market Recap (part 2 of 3)

In other news, I shall now continue with Quilt Market Recap (Part 2 of 3), in which I post photos in which I look like a big, smiling geek next to quilty famous people, several of whom may not know who I am.

Andie and me with Angela Walters

with the wonderfully sweet Pat Bravo

with my girl, Tula

Andie and me with the lovely and generous Laurie Wisbrun.

Andie and me with the very sweet Aneela Hoey
ME AND SANTA!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Can't top this one.)
Tomorrow, Faith from Fresh Lemons is hosting stop number 4 on the Modern Designs for Classic Quilts blog tour, so be sure to stop by her blog!


Nancy said...

Love the new look of your blog, Kelly! Congrats again on your book. I loved seeing more photos on Lindsay's and Jill's blogs and also to read about how the book developed. So happy for you and Andie!

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