Friday, November 9, 2012

Blog Tour Day 5 and My Quilty Feelings

Today, the Blog Tour takes us to the lovely land of Generation Q. At Gen Q, the people are happy to see you, they tell you how pretty and talented you are (and I think they mean it), they turn out a magazine that never ceases to inspire you to run straight to your sewing machine. And they are friggin' hilarious.

Andie and I met with a whole bunch of the great gals from Gen Q at Quilt Market, including Jake and Megan whom I truly wish I saw more than once a year. But Tracy and I go WAYYYY back to Fall Quilt Market 2011 Spring Market 2012. You know how with some people you just click? Tracy and I clicked, and I want her to move to Charleston and go to the Farmer's Market with me. (DO IT, TRACY! I'll take you to all of the quilt shops....!)

My cohort in crime, Andie, wrote a very heart-felt blog post about the Gen Q folks and I really can't say it better than she did. So go read her post. And then go read the Gen Q post. mkay?

I do want to say that I have been blown away and brought to tears more than once by the way the quilting community has been and continues to be so supportive of me, Andie, and our baby-book. We love to quilt, and just as important, we love our quilting friends. I could go on and on, but for now, I just want to simply thank Tracy, Megan, Jake, the rest of the Generation Q team, and all the rest of you out there who are so lovely, supportive, and welcoming of two more voices into the quilting landscape.

We are very fortunate to have you in our lives.

With love,


The Blog Tour continues tomorrow with Angela at Quilting is my Therapy!

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