Saturday, November 17, 2012

Blog Tour Day 12 with The Cottage Mama

Do you know Lindsay of "The Cottage Home"? I feel like I've known Lindsay for about 20 years, but we really just met at Spring Quilt Market in Kansas City when I fell into conversation with her and her lovely mom. Lindsay's one of those people that you can't help but like. She has reviewed Modern Designs for Classic Quilts on her blog today, so hop on over there!
See?!?! How cute is she!??!
Andie and I got to hang out with Lindsay and her very sweet mom, Jane, at Fall Market, and they took us to have some of the best Italian food ev-ah. There might have been lasagna . . . and wine. We seriously laughed so hard I think I blacked out at one point. 

Charlotte Apron Dress

It's funny because Lindsay does with children's clothing what Andie and I do with quilts. Lindsay has really mastered, in my opinion, the concept of making fresh, modern children's clothing that are still classically beautiful. She has wonderful patterns that you'll definitely want to make for your kids/grandkids/great grandkids/neighbors/nieces/friends.  

Run Around Romper   Ruby Ruffle Dress

I have to say, writing posts during this blog tour about all of the wonderful crafty people in my life is making me realize just how lucky I am to know these people and count them as friends. Very very lucky.

The Blog Tour continues tomorrow with . . .

Tuesday, Nov. 6             (Lindsay, CraftBuds)
Wed., Nov. 7                 (Jill, Darling Jill Quilts)
Thursday, Nov. 8           (Faith, Fresh Lemons)
Friday, Nov. 9               (Generation Q)
Saturday, Nov. 10         (Angela, Quilting is my Therapy)
Sunday, Nov. 11            (Shannon, Stitch Craft Create)
Monday, Nov. 12           (Laurie, Scarlet Fig)
Tuesday, Nov. 13          (Kaysie, KZJo’s Studio)  
Wed., Nov. 14               (Jessica, A Little Gray)
Thursday, Nov. 15         (Mary, The Tulip Patch)
Friday, Nov. 16             (Deborah, Whipstitch)
Saturday, Nov. 17         (Lindsay, The Cottage Mama)

Sunday, Nov. 18           (Jenny, Sew Kind of Wonderful)

Monday, Nov. 19          (Carla, LollyQuiltz)
Tuesday, Nov. 20         (Thomas, Thomas Knauer Sews)
Wed., Nov. 21              (Brenda, Pink Castle Fabrics)
Thursday, Nov. 22        (Lindsay & Liz Rea, CraftBudsInspire Me Grey)
Friday, Nov. 23             (Sarah, The Last Piece)
Saturday, Nov. 24         (Cara: Cara QuiltsAndie: AndieJohnsonSews, Kelly: Stitchy Quilt Stuff)

Happy stitching!!!!


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The Cottage Mama said...

Awwww, you are too sweet, Kelly! I feel like I've known you for 20 years too :). Congratulations again on this beautiful, inspiring book!