Monday, November 12, 2012

Blog Tour Day 8 and More Dear Jane Blocks

Blog Tour Day 8

Today's stop on the blog tour is with Laurie Wisbrun, fabric designer extraordinaire (and authoress, too)! Laurie designed one of my all-time favorite fabric lines, Tufted Tweets, which is featured heavily in the Dresden Plate pattern in Modern Designs for Classic Quilts.

Tufted Tweets For Robert Kaufman Fabrics | Released May 2010

Plus, Laurie's very very nice, super talented, and writes a fab blog which (if you don't already) are sure to become swiftly addicted to. She also will be doing a little giveaway over there, so you don't wanna miss that!

A big thank you to Laurie for participating in our blog tour!!!

More Dear Jane Blocks

Week 4 of my personal little Dear Jane Challenge are upon me, and here is my progress so far, plus this week's 5 blocks.

I love this little stack of blocks!

block J6

block C4 (totally screwed up, have to remake)

block A8

block A12

block C2

Just keep swimming . . . 

 Only 148 to go!

Happy stitching!


The Blog Tour continues tomorrow with . . .

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Wed., Nov. 7            (Jill, Darling Jill Quilts)
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Friday, Nov. 9           (Generation Q)
Saturday, Nov. 10    (Angela, Quilting is my Therapy)
Sunday, Nov. 11       (Shannon, Stitch Craft Create)
Monday, Nov. 12      (Laurie, Scarlet Fig)
Tuesday, Nov. 13  (Kaysie, KZJo’s Studio)  
Wed., Nov. 14           (Jessica, A Little Gray)
Thursday, Nov. 15    (Mary, The Tulip Patch)
Friday, Nov. 16         (Deborah, Whipstitch)
Saturday, Nov. 17      (Lindsay, The Cottage Mama)
Sunday, Nov. 18       (Jenny, Sew Kind of Wonderful)
Monday, Nov. 19      (Carla, LollyQuiltz)
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Wed., Nov. 21           (Brenda, Pink Castle Fabrics)
Thursday, Nov. 22     (Lindsay & Liz Rea, CraftBudsInspire Me Grey)
Friday, Nov. 23         (Sarah, The Last Piece)
Saturday, Nov. 24    (Cara: Cara QuiltsAndie: AndieJohnsonSews, Kelly: Stitchy Quilt Stuff)


Tamie said...

Love your growing little stack. Such pretty colors too.

Kelly said...

Thanks, Tamie! It's kind of a self-motivator. That little stack is keeping me going! :-)

Doris said...

I love the way you are laying out your Dear Jane blocks, i did the same thing with a Nearly Insane quilt, only I drew and colored my little thumbnails with colored pencils! That is an OLD ufo that really needs to see the light of day again soon...

Kelly said...

Doris, I'd LOVE to see photos of your Nearly Insane Quilt! And I give you major applause for the colored pencil method. My little photo chart is time consuming enough! :-) If you have some photos to share, I'd love to see them -