Sunday, April 29, 2012

Swoon Block #8

Here's Block #8 (of 9) of the Swoon Quilt (pattern by Camille Roskelley):

I loooooove that green snowflake fabric. Love.  Lovity love love.

One more to go!!!!!!

And thank you for all of your nice, encouraging comments on these Swoon posts. They've really kept me trucking along on this quilt!  :-)

Happy stitching,


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Swoon Block #7

Here's Block #7 (of 9) of the Swoon Quilt (pattern by Camille Roskelley):

Just two to go!

Happy stitching,


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Swoon Block #6

Are you sick of these Swoon blocks yet? Cuz I'm not!!!!

Here's Block #6 (of 9) of the Swoon Quilt (pattern by Camille Roskelley):

Happy Stitching!


Sunday, April 22, 2012

International Quilt Festival Part 2

Here are a few more of my favorite quilts from the International Quilt Festival in Cincinnati! Very inspirational—all I want to do is quilt right now...!

Just Because Revisited (by Kristin J. Vierra)

Baskets Made With Love (by Connie J. Watkins)

Spinning Out, Spinning in 4 (by Helen Remick)


Folk Art (by Seema R. Desai, quilted by Jane Plisga)

The Quilt Show (by Carole L. Corder)


Spinning Out, Spinning In 1 (by Helen Remick)

Bright Stars (by Margaret Curley)

Deep Within My Heart Lies a Melody: A Memory of Texas (by Polly Mello, Illona Hull)

The 8th Wonder of the World (by Martha P. DeLeonardis)

"Yeee-ha" It's the Texas State Fair (by Karen Harting)

Road to Home (by Cheryl Sleboda)

Artist Village

Springtime in the Garden (by Mary T. Schneider)

Spring Blossoms (by Terry Aske)

Airing the Quilts (by Donnah G. Burke)

Tiny Town (by karen Eckneier)

Windblown (by Maria Elkins)

Galaxy (by Kayoka Hata)

O Happy Day (by Timna Tarr)

Autumn Hydrangea (by Chieko Shiraishi)

Doodle 2 (by Jane Plisga)

Alpha Quilt (by Becky A. Grover)


Electric Faerie of the Getty Garden (by Sheila Frampton-Cooper)

Dixie Dingo Dreaming (by Susan E. Carlson)


Blossom (by Amanda Onchulenko)

Back to the Beginning (by Erica Spinks)



Barcelona Crow's Nest (by Pat Delaney)


Happy stitching,


Friday, April 20, 2012

CMQG Modern Ohio Star Exhibit (IQF Part 1)

I wanted to share with you some of my favorite parts of the International Quilt Festival that was held here in Cincinnati last weekend. It's so amazing that such a great show is right in our own backyard!

The Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild (of which I am a proud member!) had the opportunity to create a special exhibit for the show. The challenge was to create a modern quilt inspired by or based on the traditional Ohio Star block. And MAN, there are some creative and talented gals in my guild!

Check 'em out!

Composition No. 16 - Stars (by Celeste Spaans) 
Old Done Bold (by LynnMarie Wood)

Ohio Still (by Sarah Smith)

Rainbow Star (by Holly Seever)

Crocus (by Victoria Gorman Miller)

Kat's Star (by Andrea Johnson)

Supernova (by Heather Jones)

Gray Skies Over Ohio (by Barbara Chenault)

Wingin' It (by Christy Meyer)

Big Top (by Danielle Sickmiller)

A Merry Ohio Star (by Amy Thonnerieux) 
Fade to Red (by Jill Montgomery)

 Happy stitching!