Sunday, February 1, 2015

Green & Gold Mini Quilt

I'm really into making mini quilts these days. Maybe it's because they're actually "finishable" in a short amount of time, or that I like trying new techniques and playing with my scrap pile. Either way, I've been designing minis for each issue of The WhipperCrafter digital mini magazine.

This month, my little "X Marks the Spot" string pieced mini quilt made the cover! Here's a little sneak peak of the rest of the magazine.

I told you awhile ago that I started a new business, Rebel Craft Media, with two of my (amazing and talented) crafty friends. One prong of that business is a bi-monthly digital mini magazine.

From The WhipperCrafter "Green & Gold"
Project by Aimee Davis

Each issue is based on a theme that loosely ties all the projects together. We just released this month's issue, themed "Green & Gold."

From The WhipperCrafter "Green & Gold"
Project by Courtney Kyle

Each new issue is offered on a "pay what you will" price during its release month—even if that's $0. So check it out - - no risk!

From The WhipperCrafter "Green & Gold"
Project by Amber Crawley
The Green & Gold issue of The WhipperCrafter is available for purchase here, at the Rebel Craft Media store, along with back issues as well.

From The WhipperCrafter "Green & Gold"
Projects by Shannon Miller

I hope you enjoy the magazine, and happy stitching!