Saturday, October 8, 2016

Ron Swanson Quilt Finish

Sharing another finish today! Here's my Ron Swanson Quilt, pattern from The Happy Zombie!

Rather than traditionally piece this bad boy, as the instructions call for, I used a gridded leave-in fusible interfacing. This helped things stay nice and straight, and was much less daunting than I think piecing all of those squares would be. It also means I cut 2" squares (the pattern calls for 2.5" squares), so my Ron is a little smaller than the original quilt. Which I was totally fine with since I really wanted it for a wall hanging instead of a bed quilt.

I made the background purple for some fun contrast, and I threw in some scattered prints in all the color types (except the white areas). 

The mustache quilting (because what could be more appropriate? Other than maybe eggs and bacon) was done by the best long armer in the world, my Mom. 

It feels so good to get some of these projects finished and shared!  :-)

Happy stitching,