About & Contact

At Stitchy Quilt Stuff, we drool over fabric, sew with 1/4" seams and know that UFOs aren't necessarily alien-related. 

We buy empty wooden thread spools because they're cool, we know the dimensions of a fat quarter and we understand that basting and quilt sandwiches have nothing to do with turkey. 

And when we're not stitching, quilting, basting, binding, cutting and hoarding fabric, we're playing with dyes or putting our books in color by their spine. 

We're making homemade croissants and using excessive amounts of food coloring in sugar cookies. 

We're thrifting and antiquing, hoping to find treasure, but just enjoying the hunt. 

We're redecorating on a whim and buying paint that our grandmothers would hate. 

This is a place to share, relax, offer opinions, solicit advice, display creations, gather inspiration and most importantly, share a love of all of the above. 

Come and visit often, and don't forget to write!

Happy Stitching!

EMAIL KELLY AT: stitchyquiltstuff@yahoo.com