Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Modern Dear Jane Quilt, Week 10

WOOHOO! I've made it 10 whole weeks, and this puppy is coming along! (Now if I could only show this kind of motivation and consistency with working out...)

C13 Lakota Sioux
D9 Uncle Richard
D10 Battlefield
E9 Quilt Jail
F4 Old Windmill
51 blocks down, 118 to go (not counting border triangles)

Happy stitching!



Anonymous said...

Ummmm. That Battlefield one is amazing. Don't know how you're doing them. Keep it up!

Kelly said...

Thanks, Danielle! :-) I like that one, too but it about took me down. That sucker took about 3 hours.

Tamie said...

I'm impressed. Hang in there.

Kelly said...

Just keep swimming, right? ;-) Hope you're doing well!