Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Habitat Fabric Challenge!

My local branch of the Modern Quilt Guild has undertaken a challenge! We each received six fat eighths of Jay McCarroll's line of Habitat fabric for FreeSpirit. I have been completely in love with Jay McCarroll since Season 1 of Project Runway. I was obsessed with his final runway show, specifically due to his awesome use of really saturated colors (mustard, teal, plum), and the quilted details he incorporated into his line. When he started designing fabric, it seemed like a really natural move. So, suffice it to say, I'm super-psyched about this challenge!

That said, I NEED YOUR HELP!

These are the fabrics I received for the challenge.

I really love that orange and blue leaf print on the far end.

But I just can't decide what to make! I've decided to make a pillow for my apartment, but I can't decide which of the below designs to make.

A sketch for a Clamshell Pile pillow...

A sketch for a ruffled pillow (amazingly detailed, right?! - I am not a sketcher...)

And, my favorite, the zigzag design!

Let me know which one you think I should do, and I'll post a photo tutorial so you can make your own . . . . as soon as I figure out how to do it!

Happy stitching!



Kelly said...

I like the zig-zag most because I think it will showcaes the awesome patterns best.

Elizabeth said...

I like the clamshell (in no small part because I'd like a tutorial on it!). I'm in the same boat, except that my guild got the purple/turquoise/grey colorway. Can't wait to see your result!

Andie said...

I love me a good zig-zag any day. However, the clamshell is speaking to me. Either choice is a winner, though. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Jean said...

clamshell, baby! Would love to see some free motion fun with that fabric.

starlightsound said...


Linda said...

Isn't that Habitat fabric a challenge!? (Pun intended.) I'm having huge issues with mine, having scrapped more blocks and pieces than putting them in my quilt! I'm thinkin' mine is gonna have a lot of Kona Eggshell in it.

Kelly said...

Linda - totally a challenge!!! What'd you end up doing with yours?