Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Baby Shower and Planter Favors

BABY SHOWER! I threw one recently for one of my best friends, but there's a bit of a catch . . . she had the baby already! Due mostly to poor planning on my part, I scheduled a surprise baby shower for the day after my bestie went into labor. I decided that she probably wouldn't be super-keen on leaving the hospital early to eat cupcakes at my apartment, so I rescheduled for a few weeks down the road. 

BUT, her friends and family and I prevailed and we celebrated a few weeks late - no biggie!

I totally loved this diaper cake (could not find white diapers anywhere), but I think I startled my friends and family when they would walk in and see boxes of diapers around my apartment. . . 

The favors for the guests were these super-cute little herb planters. And I made 'em myself! And due to the fact that the party was delayed 6 weeks, they had really grown a lot!

No tutorial needed on this: Spray paint terra cotta pots with that blackboard paint. Plant your herbs. Write the name of the herb on the pot with chalk. Wait six weeks. Tie a bow around the pot, and tie on a little piece of chalk. Give 'em away!

Ummm. . . I love him!!!!!!! ARGH, so cute!!!!!!

(OK, I'm done.)
Happy Stitching!



Jean said...

Babies... just love em! I dig your pom-pom idea hanging from the chandelier. Clever!

e diaper cakes said...

I love the polka dots on the diaper cake!