Sunday, July 31, 2011

Friendship Bread

Every couple of years, Amish Friendship Bread starters begin circling. And I am easily lured by the siren song of this delicious, cinnamony-sweet bread. That is, until the starters begin to multiply like bunnies in my kitchen, and I realize that I don't know enough people with a desire to bake to unload all of it! 

And after a few weeks, I decide that if I ever have to eat, much less bake, another loaf of friendship bread, I'll have to hurl. And if I ask one more friend to take a starter, I won't have any more friends.

But, while it lasts - - - before the hurling and ruined friendships set it - - - it sure is fun!


(Anybody want a starter?)

Happy stitching (and baking!),



Anonymous said...

I want some. Jill was going to bring me some to the last meeting but my car was still in the shop so I couldn't get there. Could you bring some and the recipe to the next meeting? Thanks. Lorretta

Unknown said...

I want some!!! I cant say no to a good bread dough!!

Kelly said...

Sure thing, Lorretta! Hope your car's feeling better!