Friday, July 1, 2011

Spoonflower Delivery

Ok, so let's be honest. Mail is awesome. Parcels and boxes are better. When the parcels contain fabric, it's the best of all. Gleeful, even. Jump-up-and-down inducing! 

When I opened my mailbox this afternoon and discovered my Spoonflower order had arrived, I actually squeaked a little. Honestly, I giggled, squeaked, ran inside my apartment, and threw my bills in a heap on the counter, all in my excitement to tear open a package that I ordered myself. That's the funny thing about fabric—it's like ordering yourself a present! 

(insert contented sigh of fabric happiness here.)

Now, I should get massive credit for containing my Christmas morning instincts and not ripping this envelope open as I ran up the stairs. Or sitting on the curb and tearing it open in the street. No, I waited until I could get my camera and take pictures of this magical moment to share with you. 

And then I ripped it open.

In case you're not familiar with Spoonflower, they're a Web-based company that allows you to design your own fabric, and print actual yardage through the company. You can also put your designs up for sale via their site. Ummm, amahzing. I haven't designed any fabric yet because I have absolutely no design-y, graphic-y, illustrator-y skills whatsoever. My skills lie more in creating fun new words with the use of hyphens. Like graphic-y...

I've been wanting this particular print for ages now, and next months' swap through the Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild gave me the perfect excuse to order it. Next month, we're swapping Spoonflower charm squares, and this print will be my contribution. I can't wait to see what everyone else picked out!!!  

I have to say, I'm extremely impressed with the personal touches from my order. 

The fabric was wrapped in tissue paper, and I received a Spoonflower label.

And my receipt had a handwritten note (from another Kelly - awesome! Hi, Spoonflower Kelly!)

And, most importantly, the fabric is beautiful and just what I was hoping for!

The moral of this story: 
Packages are awesome, fabric is great, Spoonflower is fantastic, and I am one happy little sewer!

As always, happy stitching!



Andie said...

Oooohh!! Love. It. I totally agree with the parcel thing. Once I ordered fabric from Lolapink and Janet put in 2 extra half-yard cuts of Amy Butler fabric because I'm such a good customer. Can you imagine the elation I felt? I thought I might stroke out.

Sarah said...

I could barely wait to tear into my Spoonflower shipment, too. This could be a new addiction.