Sunday, September 12, 2010

Swaps = Cool

I'm kind of in love with swapping handmade things these days. It's more fun for me to make things and give them away . . . but it's awesome getting something in return, too!  Thus, swapping.

I've been coordinating a monthly swap for the Cincinnati branch of the Modern Quilt Guild. We've done two block swaps and a potholder swap already, with a doll quilt swap planned for next month.

Our first swap was a really simple 9-patch block using only citron, black, grey and white. This was my  block. Six people participated, so everyone kept one of their own blocks and got one of everyone else's. Once I had all six of my blocks, I cut each 9-patch in half twice, once top to bottom through the center, and again side to side through the center. Then I put them all back together. It still needs to be quilted, but here's the top and the pieced back.

Our second swap was a "wonky log cabin" block. The colors for the "logs" were supposed to be in the blue/green/aqua family, but the center piece could be any color or fussy-cut the maker wanted. I used a fussy cut piece from Heather Ross's "Underwater Sisters" print. This was my block ---> and this is the top. Pretty simple, all sashed together with a white-on-white paisley print. 

Our most recent swap was a potholder swap. This one was really fun - there were no rules or restrictions, so everyone's potholder really reflected what styles and fabrics they like.

I made this one using the Oh Fransson! Potholder Tutorial:


And I got this little quilty beauty from Amy T.  I totally LOVE the curved quilting she did - you can really see it on the back.
Back corner


So, long story short, Swaps = Totally Sweet.


jillquilts said...

You quilts look great!! I agree - swapping is awesome!!

Rachel said...

The fabric used on the back of the potholder is out of control. I feel like I need to make curtains out of it. Or a dress.