Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Quilty Travel Stuff

In honor of my upcoming travel plans, I quilted up a little luggage tag for my suitcase. 

For some reason, my little luggage tag makes me feel very 1940s travel chic, like I should be wearing a sensible cloche and white gloves as I board my plane and order my martini from the stewardess. However, I am sure I'll be jerked back to reality when I board my 2010 super-secure, non-peanut serving, no free beverage, no leg room, non-stewardess (PC= flight attendant) flight. Hopefully my super-snazzy luggage tag will help me hang on to the illusion a little longer.

I am aware that this luggage tag may not stand up well to the beating it will take in the bowels of various planes, cars and boats. It may even encourage villains to rob me—I mean, if the luggage tag is this awesome, one can only imagine the treasures inside! 

BUT YOU ASK . . . . 
What if the ribbon snags on some super-sized airplane bolt and rips right off, leaving my suitcase contact-informationless?

I don't care! I will risk it! I flirt with danger like . .  . (see potential fill-in options below—VOTE NOW through the comments section!)

  1. Ross Gellar flirted with the short-haired pizza girl.
  2. a person who buys a ticket for a Caribbean cruise during hurricane season.
  3. the Sharks flirted with the Jets for control of their "turf" during a totes fierce dance number in Act 1 of an American musical classic.

(There's a chance I may have had too much coffee.)


Rachel said...

My vote is for Sharks v. Jets. I'm a sucker for an all-male dance number that doubles as a turf war.

Jenni said...

Kelly, I totally less than three you!

Karen said...

The purple pants at the left of the final picture answer the question for you. Clear as a bell, Claribel.

Andie said...

What a cute idea! I love the tags - what a great gift to make someone!