Thursday, August 12, 2010

You found me!

Well, in spite of having been a quilt blog-stalker for years now, I'm just now getting around to starting my own. I'm so glad you found me!

To introduce myself, my name is Kelly.

(What I would have looked like in the '60s)

I'm in love with sewing and quilting, and I'm really excited to connect with others who share my fabric/craft/stash-collecting/etsy sickness. I frequently have the moment around midnight when I've finished up a project and am totally DYING to show it off to someone . . . but my neighbors are all asleep. And frankly, they don't "ooh" and "aahhh" the way I want them to anyway, so it's a wash. Ahhh, but NOW when that happens, I'll slam some pictures online and hopefully you'll tear yourself away from your favorite blogs to check in on me and see what's going on in the wee-smalls. And I will totally do the same for you!  We crafters need to stick together!!!

I usually end up giving the things I make away, often to my sis who lives way too far away. This is a mini-quilt I made from some scraps for her to hang in her cube. I really like the way the white space gives the traditional blocks a little bit of a modern vibe.

Karen's Quilt

I like other things, too!  

Things I like:
  • Anne of Green Gables
  • Chandler from "Friends"
  • Mrs. Grass's chicken noodle soup
  • using pitchers as vases
  • stale popcorn
  • vintage buttons
  • flower boxes (even though I've killed all of my flowers)
  • both of the Portlands
  • my big, metal coffee thermos
  • my little sister
  • traveling to cities (like London)
  • the "shoes" books by Noel Streatfeild

Things I don't like:
  • picking up heavy things (like couches, or free-weights)
  • grabbing yesterday's coffee cup by mistake
  • wondering if I unplugged the iron as I'm driving away . . . 
  • the day I finished reading Harry Potter and knew there were no more books coming
  • traveling to the wilderness
  • running out of thread

How about you?


Jenni said...

Things I like: you and your brand spankin' new blog

Things I don't like: the fact that it's not the weekend yet.

Can't wait to see the crafty craziness unfold here :-D

Anonymous said...

This blog is already freakin' fantastic. I share your love of Mrs. Grass chicken noodle soup (with double noodles) and I also dislike running out of thread. Wow, we're practically twins! (hehe) I look forward to reading all your bloggy wonderfulness. Welcome to the club!!

Karen said...

You are the coolest! I love this blog already and, as the far-away little sister who is frequently the recipient of your quilting loveliness, I can say that I am HONORED! :)

I hope to some day be as cool as you.

Your pal,