Thursday, August 19, 2010

Birthday look-back

I guess everyone gets a little contemplative on their birthday. This year, I've been trying to remember where I've been and who I've spent my last several birthdays with . . .

  • 2010: Cincinnati (aka HOME!) with two of the college roomies and my parents
  • 2009: New York City with my bestie, Mark, and the company of "Little House on the Prairie: the Musical".
  • 2008: Northern Ohio with my Mom visiting one quilt shop after another!
  • 2007: Atlantic City with the company of "Movin' Out".
  • 2006: New York City with Mark at Chelsea Piers.
  • 2005: Brunswick, Maine in summer stock with some of the best friends ever
  • 2004: Cincinnati with the fam and some friends from college.
  • 2003: Auburn, New York partying down with the company of "Footloose"

I've gotta say, it was nice being settled and home this year!

My favorite present was a crafty one (the best presents always are, in my opinion)! This bee-yoo-tee-ful afghan, made by my sister. I could NOT love anything more!


Karen said...

I am SO glad you like it :) I hope you don't mind - I borrowed your picture of the 'ghan to use in my blog. (The photo I took was hurried and sad.)

Jenni said...

So pretty! Great job, Karen :-)

angela said...

Happy Birthday! Love seeing all the fun travel you were doing over the years.