Friday, February 22, 2013

Scrappy Tripping Alonging

Some more progress on my Scrappy Trip Along Quilt! (Here's the block tutorial, FYI.)

Truth: When I started on this sucker a few weeks ago, I figured I'd make a few blocks and then get over it. But I got fully sucked into the fun, and now I'm planning on a queen size bed quilt. A few more rows to go!

This is my month at my MQG's bee, so all my gals are making me one of these blocks. I gave them a strip from my scrap bag and a strip of the center newsprint, and the rest they're pulling from their own scraps. 

I should have about enough to finish up once I get their blocks back, and then we'll start playing "Help Kelly Pick a Layout"!

I'm running out of floor space - - this sucker's getting BIG!

Happy Stitching!



Jean(ie) said...

I like it a lot! Looks great!

Andie said...

Mmmm hmm. Nice.

Keitha @ Booilley said...

Waaaaaaaaaaaa - I want the time to scrappy trip! Your color combos are GORG! Love Love Love!

Keitha @ Booilley said...

Mentioned you and linked you in my blog post today regarding your beautiful scrappy trip around the world. I hope that is okay. Check it out here:

Kelly Biscopink said...

Thanks Keitha! Made my day! :-)