Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Rainbow Single Girl Quilt

I've been in love with Denyse Schmidt's "Single Girl" quilt pattern forevah.  Which is a good thing because you need a timeless, endless love to keep up the motivation on this one.

My Rainbow Single Girl quilt is truly going to be a prized possession. If I can ever finish it!

Yeah, I have a thing for rainbow order. And polka dots.

The templates are cut!

A bit of a sneak peak of what it will look like.

One quarter of one block all done! I love the colors against the white background.
 What's your current quilt obsession??

Happy stitching!



Gill said...

Looking good!
I don't even have the pattern yet!

Trice said...

All those templets look scary to me. Love the fabrics. The progression of your single girl quilt will be fun to watch and will be awesome when it gets done.
I'm working on a quilt today for my soon to be not single daughter using the Bonnie and Camille Marmalade fabric. I ran out of one of the solids and had to reorder it online.

Andie said...

I'm into striped fabrics and paper piecing. Paper piecing makes me feel like a quilting rock star with the precision I achieve with it. I agree with Trice - lots of templates make me sweat a little. Godspeed on this sucker, Lolly.

Kelly Biscopink said...

Thanks gals! I have all of the little arc templates cut and pieced, but now I"m trying to finish up cutting all of the curved background pieces which is a huge pain in the hiney. But I'm not allowed to start anything else until this sucker and the Scrappy Trip Along are finished. Period. (until i change my mind....)

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