Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Stars in Stripes Ohio Star Quilt at IQF

I have to say, when my guild found out (many months ago) that we had the opportunity to create a special exhibit for the International Quilt Show here in Cincinnati, I was blown away. I never thought I would have the chance to show one of my quilts in a serious, legit quilt show.

But that feeling was nothing compared to the crazy, over-the-moon, little-kid-like excitement I felt when I rounded the corner at the show and saw my quilt hanging there. My quilt! I can't even express how excited/anxious/scared/humbled I felt (and still feel). 

That's my quilt - the red one!

Dudes—I felt like an artist! I've never felt like that about anything I've made (I mean, not since I was four year old and drew what I still feel is one of the best Crayola renderings of a "family-under-blue-sky-by-house-with-chimney" in existence to date). 

Anyway, here is my "Stars in Stripes" quilt, pieced and designed by yours truly, and quilted by the inimitable Angela Walters

Happy stitching!



crysm said...


Angela Huffman said...

Your mom took me over to show me your quilt. It was beautiful! You should have stopped by the APQS booth to say hi! She filled me in on your little world and it sounds like you are doing GREAT! I'm glad I found your blog!

Kelly said...

Thanks Crys and Angela!

Angela, I drifted by your booth a few times, but you were with somebody and I didn't want to interrupt. I'll definitely catch up with you at QM!!! I hope all is well with you! :-)

April Cobb said...

Oh, I love it, Kelly. So beautiful. Good for you. I am trying to decide if I should go to quilt market in May. Will you be there? April