Saturday, March 31, 2012

My NuBees Blocks Are Here!

I just participated in my first round of the NuBees Block Swap on Flickr! I have to say, I had no idea how much fun an online swap could be. Not only did I get some beautiful blocks, but I had such a great time connecting with new people from around the country. Very cool.

For this swap, each participant makes any 12-1/2" block pattern they want for each of the other participants, but they make the block in that person's request colors. (Wow - that's convoluted, but hopefully you understand what I mean.) I asked the other group members to make my blocks in all grays and whites (mostly because I was having trouble deciding which colors I would want! I want them ALL!!!).

Here are the amazing blocks I received from my NuBees Hive! I couldn't even wait to press them - I just had to get 'em on the design wall and take a photo to share with y'all. How COOL is this?!?!?

And I made these for them:

Thanks to Melissa, Deb, Diane and Shelley for the gorgeous blocks and a super-fun swap!

I'm curious - do you participate in any online swaps? Which have been your favorites?

Happy Stitching!



Needled Mom said...

Great blocks - coming AND going!!!!

Kelly said...

Thank you! I really liked both sets - and I really really love getting those blocks in the mail! It's like Christmas! :-)