Thursday, May 9, 2013

Green Tea and Sweet Beans Quilt (in progress)

Hi y'all!

I know it's been a hot minute. Or maybe even two hot minutes.  But I'm back!  My move is over, I'm (mostly) unpacked, and my sewing room is officially up and running.


I'm working on the Green Tea and Sweet Beans Quilt by the truly unbelievably talented Jen Kingwell (AmitiƩ Textiles).

I'm just doing a block at a time on this bad boy. My goal is scrappy-liciousness, so I'm just kind of picking what I want to use on each individual block and seeing what happens. Here are a few that I've made so far:

I'm clearly all about the bright colors, but what else is new?   More to come on this project!

What are you working on? Any new projects have you all amped up?

Happy stitching!



Jean(ie) said...

That, my dear, is going to be adorable! Love what you have completed so far!

Kelly Biscopink said...

Thanks Jean! :-) Hope you're doing well!!!

Anonymous said...

What a fun-looking project! I love how the bright colours pop on the hexagons.

Sue said...

Just discovered you by reading your article in Quilty mag. I thoroughly enjoyed it and now I'll poke around here a bit.

becky feuerstein said...

I love the little flowers. This quilt is going to be gorgeous.

Lori Landenburger said...

Super great prints!! Love the mustaches!!!

Lori Landenburger said...

Super great prints!! Love the mustaches!!!

Fenella said...


I love your colour combos! Are you dong it EPP or by machine? I'm jus starting and most will be machine with a bit of it EPP, some needle turn applique and some "lick n stick" applique.