Sunday, May 27, 2012

Scrabble Tile Coaster Tutorial

Scrabble tile coasters are all over Pinterest these days, and I just had to make a set for a friend of mine as a wedding gift. Although I was not quite clever enough to make the letters work in all possible directions, I hid several words in each coaster for couple to find: their names, wedding-related words, etc. Some of them wrap the corner, some are diagonal, but whatevs. Hopefully the Scrabble police won't come after me!

These are pretty simple to make—just wooden Scrabble tiles, brush-on Super Glue, and adhesive felt furniture glides. 

Lay out the tiles in 4 rows of 4 tiles. 
Brush a thin layer of Super Glue along an adjoining edge.

Place the tiles together flat on a surface while allowing the glue to dry. Glue tiles together in rows, then glue rows together.

Once the coaster is dry, brush a thin layer of glue over the back of the coaster for additional security.

Stick 4 furniture glides to the back of each coaster.

Make as many as you'd like!

Bundle 'em up and give to someone special.

Happy crafting!


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ketz said...

Beautiful for giving gifts especially that Christmas is coming. Thank you for giving us unique idea. I will definitely try this.

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