Thursday, February 9, 2012

Finish It Friday: Kate's Strip Twist Wedding Quilt

One of my absolute, all-time besties — otherwise know as Kate, K8 and sometimes Kate-Monster — got married over the summer and I just couldn't give my friend anything other than a quilt for the big event.

And I'm finally almost finished. 
Seven months after the fact.

I used the Strip Twist Pattern to make this red and pink quilt, and I really think it came together well. I love how the diamond shape pops out, but the block is really a square set straight, not on point. Check out the pattern link to see what I mean. 

Question: Have you ever given anyone pieces of a quilt as a gift, and then immediately taken it back so you could finish it? (I realllllly hope so, because that's totally what I did to Kate the day before her wedding. Gave her a present and then took it right back.)

I've gotta' tell y'all, this is a fantastic quilt to make with scraps, and it's really really fast and easy to make. For realz.

Next up: quilt and bind it! Hopefully I'll have some more pix soon of the absolutely finished, 100% done Kate Kwilt!

Happy Stitching,



SoozeM said...

Wow that is gorgeous! And yes I have given a quilt top then took it back straight away to quilt :)

Elizabeth said...

Very cool Kelly! Job well done -- I know your friend will love it forever. :)

sol said...

Que lindo! Te ha quedado precioso, seguramente a tu amigo le gustarĂ¡ mucho tu regalo.

Nancy said...

Love it, Kelly! Beautiful quilt.